Wednesday, 6 January 2016


My tien verse is a variation of a monstich derived from the first line if Chidiock Tichborne 's  famous elegy.
A Tien is a one liner(sentence) verse of ten words of ONE syllable, without a title, often pervaded with pathos.

The following examples are my copyright but may be used for educational purposes provided credit thereof  is made to me AND an email is forwarded to

Where to go from here,when truth is so near

We all, may find the Son to light our way

The past,my now,with me each day will stay

and as a sequence

DEMI sonnet a TIEN love sequence
Dear one where have you been,I missed you so
Come here, what can I say to make you stay
Why would you go when love is so near
Pray leave the past , your love can fill this void
Come let us dance in step, close up once more
A hug, a kiss, hold me, tell me you're mine
Let us wed,wear my ring, make this heart sing